Surface and Submarine Antennas & Systems

Elms’s has a large range of antennas and antenna systems for naval surface and submarine platforms. The range covers everything from ruggedized whips to sophisticated multi-functional antennas and control systems. Products covering all the maritime and tactical frequency band are available including HF, VHF, UHF, Cellular, LTE, and Satcom.

Shipboard Antennas & Systems

Elms’s marine antennas are in use around the world on naval ships, merchant ships and leisure craft of all types. In addition to the commercial marine products,  Elms has a range of antennas that are suited for use on military marine platforms ranging from rigid inflatables to larger naval vessels.  VHF and UHF antennas are available with different height and gains options, together with deck, bulkhead or mast mounting flexibility.  HF antennas are available in lengths up to 10 meters with power ratings up to 1kW.  The Elms HF modular series allows interchangeable options to suit customer requirements.  All the marine antennas are available with a number of mounting options and most can be supplied with either base feed or side feed points.  The HF naval loop antenna is designed for shipboard operations across the 1.6-30 MHz frequency band.  Combined with an in-service coupler, the antenna is a highly efficient, ruggedized magnetic loop that gives excellent NVIS performance for ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore communications. The HF Naval Loop is power rated up to 500 W.

HMS Daring, the Royal Navy’s first Type 45 destroyer is silhouetted carrying during sea trials in the Portland Exercise Areas.

Submarine Antennas & Systems

Elms designs and manufactures specialised antennas and antenna switching systems for the tactical frequency range 1.8-3000 MHz.  Current products include a fast tuning HF antenna system (1.8-30 MHz) and multi-function submarine antenna system (30-3000 MHz). The antennas are enclosed inside ruggedized radomes designed for the desired depth requirements and specific mechanical mast integration. A typical multi-function antenna can include modules for active VLF-HF Receive, VHF, UHF, V/UHF-SATCOM, L-band SATCOM, and Cellular functionality.  The design is a fully customizable to maximise the communications capability on submarines with very limited space.